A stimulating and exciting place to stay for your holidays!

Avola, also known as ‘Perla del Mare Ionio’ (Pearl from the Ionic sea) is situated on the south-east coast of Sicily between Syracuse and Noto and the beautiful nature reserve ‘Cava Grande di Cassibile’ (Great Cave of Cassibile) in the mountains.

It offers you sun, sea-side, mountains and country-side, everything you need to to relax and to have a good time! The town is well-known for its historical hexagonal shape, for its almonds and for its sweet ‘ricotta cheese’ (goat’s cheese).

Both almonds and ‘ricotta’ are used in traditional cakes and pastries, like for example the ‘Cannoli’ and the ‘Cassata Siciliana’, not to forget the lovely ice-cream with all its different flavours and ‘la granita’ which you can try in all the bars in town. We mustn’t forget the traditional Sicilian cooking, a lot of which includes the fresh fish caught by the local fishermen which of course you can taste in the local restaurants.
Last but not least Avola has gained international recognition and fame for its red wine called ‘Nero d’Avola’ (literally ‘Avola’s Black’), a dark, full bodied red wine.

So as you can see, B&B Villa Eben-Ezer is the place to stay for your holiday in Sicily!